February 1, 2009

Rain to star in Discovery Programme - Hip Korea

Rain showing the world what's Hip about Korea.
(Source: Chosun.com)

The Hallyu wave is now sweeping into Discovery Channel with Rain appearing on the documentary "Hip Korea".

Here's the latest update on this from the Korean Times.

Korean top star Rain will appear on Discovery, the world-renowned cable channel, J.Tune Entertainment announced Friday.

Documentary ``Hip Korea'' will focus on Korea's pop culture and introduce the singer as its frontrunner. His agency stated that the documentary is to air in various countries from Jan 31, starting first in Australia and New Zealand and then Asia.

The Hip Korea crew filmed the star for six months, and the documentary reveals his down-to-earth lifestyle, including clips of Rain casually conversing with his close friend, entertainer Kim Jae-dong about his innermost feelings over a drink and reminiscing his departed mother at her crypt.

The documentary has interviews with stars who have worked with the singer in the past, including Steven Colbert, who had a dance battle with the star on his show "The Colbert Report,'' and actress Susan Sarandon, who co-starred with Rain in the movie "Speed Racer.''

"Hip Korea'' is to air in all regions in Asia, including Korea, on Feb. 23.

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