February 8, 2009

Lee Young Ae Voted as most beautiful Korean actress in Japan

(Source: Chosun Ilbo)

Lee Young Ae has come out tops in a recent survey by Japanese internet service provider "Livedoor" on the most beautiful Korean actress. The votes were no doubt swayed by Lee's popularity following the screening of "A Jewel in the Palace" there in 2006. There are rumours that Lee is in talks about the possible production to a sequal to the above drama. Looks like a second hallyu wave will hit the world in the near future. Do watch this space for updates on this.

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Anonymous said...

really beautiful lady :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. All those voting for the most beautiful girl are all bull ****. There are hundreds pretty girls in Korean entertaining industry and you pick "the timeless" beauty. I am not even sure if she is the most beautiful woman when she was young if you want me to pick one. I dare to say this vote is performed by women.

Anyway, you cannot just choose one kind of beauty and say she is the most beautiful one. I bet there are very few koreans pick sexy simbol as a beautiful girl because they are whole bunch hypocrites and using their trandition as their excuses.

My comment is ....whatever.