October 6, 2009

Stop abusing our Korean female artistes!

The unsavoury, and downright repulsive, facet of the Korean entertainment scene has once again made headlines. On 5 Oct, The Straits Times, Singapore's leading newspaper, reported on the abuse that Korean female artistes continue to be subjected to in the entertainment industry.

Jang Ja Yeon

Jang Ja yeon - A victim of the industry.

The recent demise of Jang Ja Yeon seemed to have little to no effect on such abhorent practices. I really hope that it doesn't take more innocent lives of young potential stars before Korean, as a society, decides that enough is enough. Till then, we can only hope that unscrupulous agents and managers will be given their just punishments and be kept out of the industry for good.

The drama On Air is perhaps the best work out there that shows how dark the entertainment industry in Korea can be. Check out HelloHallyu's synopsis on the drama here.

You can read the full Straits Times article below.

S.Korean actresses face abuse

FOUR in 10 female entertainers in South Korea face unwanted sexual pressure, Yonhap news agency reported on Monday.

A parlimantary survey revealed that 25 per cent of them experienced unwanted physical contact, while 12.5 per cent said they had been forced or asked to perform sexual favours in return for money or a role in a TV show or film.

Earlier this year actress Jang Ja Yeon hanged herself, leaving behind a letter that claimed she was forced to perform sexual favours for powerful figures, including a TV producer and executives at Korea's top entertainment firm.

Police chose not to press charges, citing lack of evidence, but the case drew an uproar as it was not the first time such suspicions had been raised concerning the local entertainment industry.

In more extreme cases, the reputations of several female celebrities were tarnished after videos of them having sex appeared on the Internet, downloaded by millions.

Agents and managers often pressure actresses to have sex with them while being videotaped, later using it as blackmail to prevent the starlets from skipping to bigger firms offering more money after they become famous.

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